Wedding Tourism: Record-Breaking Growth in Italy in 2023

Italians are known for their love of grandiose weddings and special events – and it seems that other people are just as enticed. Figures show that wedding tourism to Italy boomed in 2023, recording double-digit growth of around 10%.

The Allure of the Italian Wedding

Italians are renowned for their love of a good wedding, with the most popular being Catholic ceremonies. These grandiose events tend to take over entire villages or towns, and boast beautiful architecture, gondolas, historical buildings and trails, and of course amazing food.

What is Driving Wedding Tourism?

The primary drivers of the wedding tourism boom have been the couple’s focus on finding new experiences and Instagram-ready events for their guests. More and more couples are looking for unique venues and foreign locales to celebrate their special day.

Increasing Popularity of Italy as a Wedding Destination

Italy has become increasingly popular in the wedding tourism market due to a number of factors. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Romance: The romance of Italy’s landscape and culture is an unbeatable drawcard for many couples.
  • Variety: Italy is a country of diverse regions, with each boasting its own cuisine, culture, and unique attractions.
  • Visa-Free: Having a wedding in Italy costs relatively little due to the fact that many countries can apply for a visa-free entry.

Growth: The Future of Wedding Tourism in Italy

With its stunning landscapes, culture, and food, it comes as no surprise that more couples are choosing to marry in Italy. As long as the government continues to support the wedding tourism industry, it’s safe to say that the number of newlyweds taking their vows in Italy will continue to grow.


Wedding tourism in Italy is definitely on the rise, with double-digit growth recorded in 2023. From stunning landscapes to delicious meals and cultural attractions, there’s no doubt that Italy has a lot to offer couples. Whether you’re considering getting married in the country or simply looking to explore the beauty of Italy during your wedding, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love!

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