What is a cruise ship muster drill?

What is a Cruise Ship Muster Drill?

Cruise ship muster drill is a mandatory safety procedure for passengers on a cruise ship, usually conducted within 24 hours of embarkation. This procedure is designed to familiarize passengers with important safety information, as well as the location and operation of personal floatation devices and life-saving systems onboard the ship.

Safety Information

Cruise ship muster drills are conducted by the ship’s crew and provide passengers with an in-depth look at the following:

  • Emergency exits – Locations of fire and muster stations, plus points of access to the lifeboat and life raft areas.
  • Safe assembly areas – Where passengers should go in the event of an emergency.
  • Safety equipment – Overview of the ship’s lifeboats and life rafts, personal floatation devices and life-saving systems.
  • Emergency signals – How to recognize, respond to, and follow the instructions of the ship’s crew in the event of an emergency.
  • Medical response -Who to contact and what medical services are available in the event of an injury or illness.

What to Expect

The muster drill typically lasts approximately 30 minutes, and participants are required to assemble at predetermined muster stations. During the muster drill, instructions on proper use and fitting of lifejackets and other safety equipment will be explained in detail. Attendance is mandatory and must be taken, so it is important that every passenger present their boarding documents to be registered for the drill.


The purpose of a cruise ship muster drill is to provide passengers with important safety information that should be reviewed and followed in order to increase safety aboard the ship and in the event of an emergency. Following the muster drill, passengers will be more familiar and comfortable with the safety regulations and procedures of the ship and its crew.

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