When I Got Wings… My first parasailing experience

When I Got Wings – My First Parasailing Experience

Parasailing is an exciting adventure sport that allows you to experience the thrill of flying! As a person who is always looking for exhilarating experiences, I knew I had to do it at the first opportunity – and the time came during my recent beach vacation.

The Apprehension

Before I got on the parasailing boat, I was both excited and a bit nervous. After all, did I know how to parasail safely? Was the activity too risky for a beginner? All these thoughts were racing through my head as I got ready.

But soon, my thrill-seeking self was ready to risk it. I took the plunge and decided to give parasailing a shot.

My First Takeoff

The parasailing canopy was securely attached to the boat, which drove us farther into the sea. After a few minutes, I was rigorously yanked into the air above the sea.

The moment I got wings and felt less like a human and more like a bird was surreal!

High Above The Turquoise-Blue Sea

The sight from atop the parasailing canopy was breathtaking. I surveyed the beautiful surroundings from the 400-feet perch:

  • The shoreline’s white sand and bright blue sky.
  • The verdant forest hugging the coast.
  • The coral-reef fish swimming around the boat underneath.

Indeed, the bliss of being above the turquoise-blue sea was an awesome pleasure I had never experienced before!

The Perfect Landing

As soon as I felt ready, the ride was over and a safe landing was made.

This time, I took a few moments to take in the beauty of the sea instead of admiring the sights from the air. Then I boarded the boat to go back to the shore.


My first parasailing experience was an unforgettable one! I was pushed out of my comfort zone to do something adventurous, and I’m glad I did.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to explore the breathtaking scenery of your favorite beach – parasailing should definitely be on your to-try list.