Why Should Not Miss Jim Corbett Safari?

Why Should You Not Miss A Jim Corbett Safari?

Jim Corbett National Park is India’s oldest and most famous national park. Spread over 520 square km, it is home to a plethora of animal, bird and plant species. Here’s why you should not miss out on a visit to this spectacular reserve:

Abundance of Wildlife

The Corbett National Park is home to over 50 species of mammals and 50 species of reptiles and amphibians. The most-photographed animals here are the Bengal tiger and Indian elephant. Other animals that you can spot here include leopard, sloth bear, chital, barking deer, sambar, nilgai, and wild boar.

Stunning Landscapes

Apart from the wildlife, the Corbett National Park also boasts of breathtaking landscapes. The park is divided into two parts—the hilly Dhikala Zone and the jungle Bijrani Zone. Both offer stunningly beautiful views. There are also several trails that you can explore on a safari jeep, allowing you to observe the nature up close.

Rich Culture

The park is also a hub of cultural activities. You can visit nearby villages like Dhikuli and Ramnagar and get a glimpse into the lives of the locals. You can also explore the heritage of the park, which dates back to 1936 when it was first established by the British.

Countless Adventure Activities

You can also try out some exciting adventure activities such as rock-climbing, rappelling, river-rafting and more. There are also several adventure camps that host thrilling activities such as mountain cycling, safari rides, and night safaris.


If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience, you should definitely plan a visit to Jim Corbett National Park. From abundant wildlife to stunning landscapes, rich culture and exciting adventure activities, there is something for everyone here. So why wait? Pack your bags and get ready to explore the wild!

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