You can currently buy points and miles with up to a 155% bonus —but should you?

Buying Points and Miles with Up to a 155% Bonus: Is It Worth It?

Savvy frequent flyers know that buying points and miles can be a great way to increase your travel budget. Currently, there are a number of airlines, hotels and even credit cards that are offering up to a 155% bonus when you buy points or miles. But is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Buying Points and Miles

  • You can save money on flights and hotels. Buying points or miles can often be less expensive than actually booking a flight or hotel with cash. For instance, a round-trip flight to London from New York can easily cost $1,000—but you can book the same flight for fewer points and a much lower cost.
  • You can get better rewards faster. If you’re trying to reach a certain loyalty tier or earn a specific reward, buying points can be a great way to get there faster.
  • You can add more flexibility to your travel plans. Buying points allows you to book flights and hotels that you would otherwise not be able to with the money you have.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Points and Miles

  • Be sure you understand the terms and conditions. Many airlines offer bonuses when you buy points or miles, but they come with restrictions. Be sure you understand all the terms and conditions before you make a purchase.
  • Consider whether you will have a chance to use the points or miles. Don’t buy points or miles if you’re not sure you’ll be able to use them. Make sure you have a plan for travel that you can use the points or miles for.
  • Think about the cost. You should also compare the cost of buying points or miles to the cost of buying a plane ticket or hotel room with cash. Sometimes buying points or miles is a better deal, but not always.


Buying points and miles is a great way to extend your travel budget and get more rewards faster. But be sure to do your research and understand the terms before you buy. With the right strategy, you can maximize the value you get out of buying points and miles with up to a 155% bonus.

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